ISO 39001

Road traffic safety management systems. Requirements with guidance for use

The standard for road safety management systems ISO 39001 is becoming a key tool for reducing and, if possible, eliminating the cases and risk of serious injuries or death in accidents caused during work or travel to it.
This management system is suitable for any organization, regardless of its location, size or activity, without being limited to organizations whose main activity is transport.
Accident risks are a very important factor that organizations must consider, as they can significantly affect their activities.
Choosing a strategic solution to promote road safety, both in work and professional travel, is essential for the future of all organizations because of its impact on human, social and economic factors.
The main benefits of implementation and subsequent certification according to this standard are:
– Demonstration of a strong commitment to road safety
– reduction of road accidents, allowing effective road safety management
– promoting the use of safe route maps, choosing a mode of transport with greater safety guarantees, using collective transport, or using alternative modes of travel
– improving the corporate image
– increased trust from all stakeholders
– Improving the working environment by encouraging the application of measures that reduce stress, such as the promotion of car sharing or more efficient routes, teleworking, or flexible scheduling


1. Development and implementation in the organization of a system according to the respective ISO standard
2. Conducting an audit establishing the operation of the implemented system
3. Taking a decision on certification based on facts established during the audit