ISO 37001

Anti-bribery management systems. Requirements with guidance for use

The ISO 37001 standard defines the requirements of Anti-Bribery Management Systems. It was created to assist public and private organizations in their fight against corruption and its prevention, along with promulgating a culture based on ethics and good behaviour.
The organization, while not fully protected from any disputes or sanctions, can reap many benefits from ISO 37001 certification. In fact, the standard is the first truly effective way to implement actions that can reduce the risk of corruption.
Designed to be integrated into your organization’s existing management processes and controls, ISO 37001 also follows the general ISO structure for management system standards, for easy integration with ISO 9001 for example.
From a competitiveness point of view, ISO 37001 certification will increasingly become a distinctive ethical element.


1. Development and implementation in the organization of a system according to the respective ISO standard
2. Conducting an audit establishing the operation of the implemented system
3. Taking a decision on certification based on facts established during the audit